Pet Program 2021

Our gorgeous estate offers multiple pet-friendly accommodations in our lofts, getaway suites and houses. Enjoy the perfect stay with your beloved pups!

• Breakfast special with cookie and a ‘puppuccino’ available
• Pup care packages in the room
• Comfortable pup-beds available 
• Bowls available 
• Puppy toys & cat scratchers available 
• No pet fee for the months of August and October to celebrate national dog/cat’s day
• Enjoy amazing walks in the nature with your four-legged friends on our 75-acre property

Our Pet Friendly Accommodations

• The Lofts
• The Getaway Suites
• The North Cottage
• Riverbirch House 
• The Riverknoll Mansion 


Puppy beds available in the rooms

Bowls available in the rooms

Puppy toys & cat scratchers for the most fun time!