Buttermilk Falls Inn
220 North Road
Milton, New York, NY 12547, United States
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Massage Add-on

Customize & enhance your Massage!

Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Essential oils enhance your senses and promote an all-encompassing spa experience. A variety of relaxing aroma oils are available. Your technician will recommend an oil to be incorporated into your massage.


Warm Virgin Coconut Oil Scalp Massage

Be transported to a tropical paradise with this deeply aromatic and relaxing experience. Warm oil is drizzled onto you scalp and absorbs with hot towel compressions. The scalp is then massaged removing all tensions and making your hair as soft as silk.
15 minutes – $30

Sugar Cane Hand Scrub

15 minutes – $30

Sugar Cane Foot Scrub

15 minutes – $30