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Body Treatments

Body Treatments focus on hydration, exfoliation, detoxification & anti-aging. Each service is unique and works toward specific goals.

**We are in the process of changing and re-structuring our Body Treatments & Spa Menu. The following services may be substituted with a new treatment at time of service. Your Spa Technician will match the new service that most closley fits the desired result of the previous Treatment. We will post an update, with new descriptions when the change takes effect. **

Anti-aging Buttermilk Crystal Body Scrub

Your body is washed with an enzymatic cleanser and then fully exfolited with dead sea salts. A lactic clay powder is sprinkled over your body and then removed with hot towels. Quartz crystals are used to activate shiatsu points on your back and feet to remove any bodily tensions. The treatment is finished with the application of a pure anti-aging body cream that is massaged into your skin. Our most luxurious and pampering service!
90 minutes $185

Buttermilk Body Bliss

Ancient Waves Body Glow & Fijian Scalp Massage Organic cane sugar grown in the sun-drenched fields of Fiji is combined with exotic driftnut oils to gently buff away dry, dull skin and give the body a boost of nutrients. Exotic massage oils high in vitamins and skin-conditioning lipids are then applied, leaving your skin smooth, soft and glowing. Your treatment is finished with a deep relaxing warm oil scalp massage using pure Virgin coconut oils and steamed towels.
60 minutes $155

Complete Rejuvenation

Paradise Coconut Ritual Wrap & Fijian Scalp Massage
Your ritual begins with a deep, pore-cleansing exfoliation using virgin coconut cream scrub. Then, a warm vitamin and antioxidant enriched body butter is lightly applied along with a blend of exotic oils. Finally, you’ll relax in a moisturizing wrap while receiving a warm oil scalp massage to relieve any residual tension. This rejuvenating treatment leaves you hydrated, nourished and repaired to the deepest layer of your skin.
75 minutes $175

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap

Begin your treatment with an exfoliating scrub and hot towel compress leaving your skin smooth and glowing while preparing it for maximum absorption during your wrap. Ingredients such as Angelica essential oils, Ume plum, Iceland moss harvested in Scandinavia and sea algae extract derived from Hawaiian sea plants improves lymphatic drainage, detoxifies, firms, calms inflammation and leaves skin silky smooth.
75 minutes $175

Ultimate Contouring Treatment

This body treatment targets the problem area for many women: the lower abdomen, hips and thighs. After your session, your skin will be firmer and more toned with decreased inches. This is the ideal preparation for fitting into that perfect dress or showing off some skin at that upcoming beach vacation.

Begin with a thermal water mist followed by specialized exfoliation to increase blood circulation and remove dead skin. After your skin is prepared for maximum results, you are invited to assist your esthetician in fitting a stimulating wrap which promotes surface circulation and reduces cellulite. Then relax and leave tension behind with a warm coconut oil scalp massage. Finally, anti-cellulite moisturizing cream is massaged into your skin to complete this unique spa experience.
60 minutes $185

*Ultimate Contouring is specifically designed for results and requires interaction with your esthetician for a successful treatment. For longer-lasting results, Buttermilk Spa offers Babor Body Line Thermal Stop Cellulite home care products.