Buttermilk Falls Inn
220 North Road
Milton, New York, NY 12547, United States
+1 845 7951310

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Grand Laurel

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The Grand Laurel master suite boasts a four poster bed, centered on the built-in fireplace, a romantic bathroom with whirlpool tub and Hudson River views.This lovely, spacious master suite is graced by a California king-size canopy bed, large built in fireplace and flat screen television. Private and ultimately comfortable, this room is favored by newlyweds and those who enjoy luxury.
This room can allow for 3 guests with use of a cot. **

$350 - $500 dependent on season
cot fee $85.00**

Off Peak: December 1st - March 31st


  • River Side
  • River & Garden View
  • Stunning details
  • 16-foot cathedral ceiling
  • Built-in fireplace
  • Whirlpool Tub
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hand tiled shower