Buttermilk Falls Inn - Milton, New York, NY 12547, United States
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A burgeoning work-in-progress, Millstone Farm is just across the Swan Pond and invites exploration. The public along with the inn’s guests are welcome to stroll through the orchards, the Kitchen Garden and visit the Livestock Barn and the Aviary House. Millstone Farm makes your stay with us such a memorable and, in every sense of the word, an organic experience!

Millstone Farm’s kitchen garden, orchard and beehives provide organic herbs, vegetables, fruit, and honey for our guests’ breakfast and afternoon tea, as well as for Buttermilk’s own restaurant, Henry’s at the Farm, and its inspired contemporary American cuisine.

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Aviary House shelters heritage breed chickens, along with party of deservedly proud peacocks*. Fresh eggs are delivered daily to supplement the Inn’s breakfasts, afternoon tea and Henry’s at the Farm restaurant. Millstone Farm makes your stay with us such a memorable and, in every sense of the word, an organic experience!

* “Party” is the word used to refer to a group of peacocks.

Angora goats, miniature donkeys, llamas and a herd of rescued alpacas occupy the Livestock Barn and family of miniature donkeys are in residence at the Donkey House. The llamas and alpacas are sheared annually. Buttermilk will be offering spun wools of alpaca, llama, mohair, cashmere and vicuna and promoting retreats for the fiber and knitting communities.

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Millstone Farm is home to eight pedigreed female alpacas formerly owned by Lloyal Nordstrom McMillan, granddaughter of department story magnate John W. Nordstrom, in Washington State. Hard financial times forced McMillan to put the animals up for auction. The organization, Llama Reserve spearheaded a national campaign, raising funds to rescue the animals. Buttermilk Falls’ proprietor, Robert Pollock stepped in to adopt the group, furthering the Farm’s reputation as an animal rescue sanctuary.

                                                                              APIARY   Millstone Farm would be lost without its hives of Honey Bees. Worldwide bees pollinate more than 80% of all plants! Millstone Farm is home to 8 hives and works with local beekeepers to keep them healthy and strong. Bee Colony Collapse has plagued many hives in the area. Millstone Farm offers awareness and education that will provide bees a future free of this enigmatic  disease. 

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Buttermilk Falls Inn
220 North Road
Milton, New York, NY 12547, United States
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Hudson Valley Bed and Breakfast - Milton New York Inn and Spa: Buttermilk Falls Inn

Buttermilk Falls’ extraordinary 75 acre Hudson River estate offers a remarkable selection of lodgings, a farm-to-table restaurant, an organic kitchen garden and orchard and a world class spa. Join us at Buttermilk Falls for the day, for an evening, for a weekend or a week-long retreat …or for your very special event.