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Hudson Valley Restaurant Week:

The Village Tearoom, New Paltz, NY

Posted on March 28, 2013 by ButtermilkAdmin

We took a trip to the Village Tea Room and Bake Shop on Saturday.

Nestled in a rustic building off of Main St. in New Paltz, the Village Tea Room has been a culinary staple of New Paltz since opening. They are especially a popular restaurant with our guests, so we figured we would shed some light into their menu, restaurant atmosphere and culture, as they share similar values of sustainability and the “locavore” movement. Additionally, they’re participating in Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, offering an affordable prix fixe option along with their entire menu during the two-week celebration of Hudson Valley restaurants. Deb and I were hungry, and we were looking for a way to demonstrate the appropriate greatness of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week to our fellow readers, so we thought, “hey, let’s go here and talk about their food and restaurant and tell our guests about this wonderful place and spread the word!” (Mostly, we were hungry.)

They offer traditional, hearty-yet-healthy food, focusing on sourcing their ingredients from the numerous local farms in the area (hey, that sounds familiar…). They purport to be a member of the “slow food” movement, which is an international movement towards providing healthy, unprocessed foods at the local, regional level, as opposed to providing mass produced, processed, and ecologically unsustainable foods. Additionally, they are notable for their wide and varied assortment of delicious teas (hence their name), and an assortment of original, delicious, fresh baked goods, from cakes to muffins to other pastries. Their Honey Bee cake in particular is a popular item, adorned with a honey butter cream frosting arranged into hexagonal shapes, resembling a honeycomb, and adorned with chocolate truffle “bees” with almond wings. Yum!

As we are a week long into two-week long Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (which is a fairly misleading, not to mention confusing name), which the Tearoom is participating in, we thought we’d delve into their Restaurant Week lunch menu.

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We started with a Hudson Valley local cheese platter (compliments of the chef!), consisting of locally made brie and soft goat cheese, which was adorned with a delicious dill sauce. Complimenting the plate was an assortment of apples, grapes, figs, nuts and bread, and was a delectable, fresh start to our lunch. The goat cheese was creamy, salty and luscious, complemented extremely well by the dill, and the brie was perfectly runny and nutty, as it should be.

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And on to our first course, I had a mesclun green salad with slightly sweet, slightly tart shallot vinaigrette, while Deb had a rich, hearty Cheddar and Bass Ale soup, served with chicken stock. It was an outstanding soup, as the sharp, rich cheddar flavor was deepened by the presence of the ale, cutting through it while not deadening the flavors. Served with the wheat bread, it was a fantastic addition to the restaurant week menu.

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And finally, their entrée option was the warm, rich, hearty Turkey Pot Pie, which, while it wasn’t much of a pie, was brimming with an arrangement of complex flavors and a nice, thick gravy, which really would’ve been too much if they put an entire crust on top of the dish. The cute herb biscuit adorning the dish was the right amount of bread. The turkey was cooked to perfection, which is fairly notorious for drying out in a pot pie, while the assortment of root vegetables and spices added an earthy and slightly sweet presence to the thick gravy.

We almost didn’t have room for dessert, but we absolutely had to try the Sticky Chocolate Toffee pudding, which came with a house made toffee sauce and whipped cream from local Ronnybrook Farms. Super rich, thick and moist, the pudding was an excellent way to top off our already superb lunch.

We certainly enjoyed our time at the Tearoom and we hope you do the next time you come and stay with us!